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We also run Maxspeed Tyres (formerly known as Goudhurst Tyres) from the same premises, so please contact us for all your tyre needs. We sell car and light commercial tyres, and are able to change TPM system sensors.


** TYRES SALE!! **


We're clearing out some brand new tyres stock to clear some space in the workshop for our next project, so if you are interested in any of the following tyres photos please get in touch. Prices and additional photos are on the "Parts For Sale" page on our website:

# Make Size & specification 
2 Primewell 225/40ZR18 92W Sport 910
2 Nexen 185/65R15 88H Nblue ECO
2 Nexen 195/65R16 92V Nblue ECO
1 Maxxis 205/55ZR16 94WXL VS01
1 Nexen 175/65R14 82T CP661
2 Primewell 185/75R16 LT PV600
2 Dunlop 205/60R15 91V Sport Bluresponse
1 Event 195/55R16 87V Futurum HP
2 Excelon 195/70R15 C 104/102R
1 Ventus 205/40ZR17 84W XL V12 Evo2

Please contact us if you would like more information. Collection only. Tyres can be fitted and balanced at our workshop for an additional fee.

Don't know how to check your tyre size? Take a look at the diagram below on this page.



We have finished re-locating to larger premises in Tenterden, getting ourselves straight and settling in nicely. This may be a temporary move as we look for a more permanent space so PLEASE check with us before visiting!

  • We supply from budget tyres to premium brands
  • Winter, run flat, 4X4 & light commercial tyres
  • Warehouse access to 10000 tyres, with 2 deliveries per day
  • Waiting area with tea & coffee facilities and free WIFI
  • All prices include supply, fitting, balancing, new valve & old tyre disposal

Tyre Ratings Explained


How do I find my tyre size?

The size and type of tyre can be located on the tyre sidewall as shown in the diagram below, along with the manufacturer name. These numbers can be confusing, but we've explained them below, and they incorporate tyre dimensions, speed ratings and load gratitude.

There are two main purposes of the writing that you'll see on the sidewall of your tyres.


The first is to help identify the size and specification of the tyres correctly. The second is to confirm that the tyre has been tested and approved to European and other country safety standards. The European mandatory is known as "E" marking.


Tyre Width

This measurement is in millimetres, and of course is the width of the tyre.


Tyre Profile

Now contrary to what some people think it means, this figure actually represents the aspect ratio of the tyre, and is not actually a size measurement. The profile is the aspect ratio of tyre width to tyre sidewall height, and it is shown as a precentage.


Example: If the tyre has the dimensions as shown in the above diagram - 195/55, then the profile is 55% of the width, so 55% of 195mm is 107.25mm. This means the tyre tread is 107.25mm from the rim.


Wheel Size

This is the diameter of the wheel / rim, and is measured in inches - 195/55/R16.


Tyre Load Ratings

Tyre load ratings relate to the maximun load capacity of each individual tyre. In this case, "87" is code for 545kg - 195/55/R16 87 V.


Tyre Speed Ratings Chart

The tyre speed rating on each tyre is given as a letter which represents different categories. Each category represents the top speed a tyre can sustain for 10 minutes without breaking up. Each category is in 10mph intervals.


Therefore, in the diagram below, the speed rating is the letter "V".



Tyre Speed Ratings

The tyre speed rating on each tyre is given as a letter which represents different categories. Each category represents the top speed a tyre can sustain for 10 minutes without breaking up. Each category is in 10mph intervals.


195/55/R16 87 V


Although not illegal, it is not recommended to have tyres with a lower speed rating or load capacity than the manufacturer recommended tyre specification for your vehicle, or to have a combination of different tyre construction types. Consult your vehicle handbook, which will confirm your vehicle tyre speed and load ratings as well as any additional requirements.


We use one of the biggest tyre wholesalers in the UK, with direct access to their stock. We can give you an over-the-phone, all-in quote in minutes.


We stock the 10 most popular tyres sizes, with all sizes available within 24 hours. We have 2 deliveries per day. Tyres ordered by 11.30am will be delivered to us same day. Any tyres we do not have on the shelf that are ordered after 11.30am, we will have by 8.30am the following morning.


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