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We are Maxspeed Vapour Blasting, part of Kent MX5 Services. We specialise in many aspects of motoring, motorsport and mechanical restorations including MX5 engine re-builds, race car preparation and race car build.


We are a family-run company with a combined knowledge of over 40 years. Our experience includes everything from European Karting to Le Mans and sports car racing. 



What is Vapour Blasting?


Vapour blasting (aquablasting, wetblasting, hyroblasting) is a wet blasting process which uses a specialised, non-destructive slurry of media to remove debris from a variety of components. This slurry contains water and fine beads, delivered via compressed air within a sealed cabinet. The process achieves an outstanding, fine finish which cannot be achieved by hand due to the lubrication and flushing action.


The media travels across the surface, gently cleaning the component by flow of water - not by impact - so it doesn't remove any of the structural material. Since the water acts as a lubricant to the media - like a cushioning effect - there is no damage to the underlying component... and yes, that includes aluminium, steel and magnesium too!


We purchased our 'Aquablast' machine to speed up the cleaning stage of our engine re-build process. Dismantling, degreasing and removing years of debris and contamination from engine components during the engine re-build process was taking several days and we needed to find a better solution.


However, the 'Aquablast' machine has a myriad of uses for all kinds of components and materials across many different industries, so we decided to spread the word by sharing Maxspeed Vapour Blasting with a wider audience!






De-greasing and de-rusting facilities


We also have a jet wash cabinet and de-ruster that we can use to prepare items before they go into the vapour blasting cabinet. We've also been using these to help clean up greasy or rusty items around our workshop.




After a lot of research we've finally found an efficient solution to the cleaning stage of our engine re-build process... and the possibilities are endless.




......the finishing touch

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Advantages of Vapour Blasting


  • Refurbishes used parts by removing years of dirt, grease, rust, paint, scale, carbon, oil, grime and contamination
  • Achieves outstanding results which are impossible to achieve by hand
  • Cheaper than buying new components
  • Gentle, selective, adjustable and non-damaging (critical for rare items)
  • An impressive range of adjustments can be made to the water-borne abrasive e.g. mix of media, blast pressure, distance from blast gun 
  • Dust-free process with no static build-up
  • Effectively and easily removes debris e.g. rust, grease, carbon, paint
  • Does not impregnate media on soft materials (i.e. cylinder heads/ pistons)
  • Achieves a fine finish due to the lubrication and flushing action
  • Includes an anti-corrosive agent
  • Leaves components immediately ready to paint
  • A variety of media will achieve different finishes


Typical Uses for Vapour Blasting


  • Removal of rust, limescale, carbon, discolouration & engineering deposits
  • Mechanical restorations and automotive maintenance
  • Degreasing/ surface finishing of components
  • Surface preparation prior to bonding, re-painting or re-coating
  • Satin finishing of stainless steels, aluminium & other special materials
  • Suitable for various ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Cleaning of PCBs & electrical connectors
  • Cleaning of dies & moulds
  • Removal of small burrs from manufactured components
  • Used in many industries including F1 teams, classic and vintage car restorations, aerospace, electronics, military, motorcycles, marine/boating


Rinse & Repeat....


As far as engines go, we fully understand the concerns you have about tolerances being changed via a cleaning process and also any media residue being left in the internal organs of your engine. We take great pride in our work, so we are very thorough with our "rinse and repeat" method for removing media!


Our rinse solutions contain a lightweight anti-corrosive agent, so once the components have been dried, inspected and photographed they resist corrosion a little longer than normal. It goes without saying that common sense must be applied, so please ensure you keep items dry and either lubricate, powder coat or paint as appropriate before installing them in the usual way. For metal components the Vapour Blasting process will take them back to bare metal, so any metals that would tarnish/oxidise naturally when exposed to air will still do this as usual. Even condensation can cause corrosion and we can't stop that happening once items have left our premises!


When you're handling the finished item the finish is 'touch proof' and it can be painted immediately.


The Customer Process


  1. Customer sends us photos of items
  2. Discussion of pre-vapour blasting stage and end result requirements
  3. Customer receives quote & sends components to us
  4. Items received & checked by us to confirm they are as expected
  5. Process steps 1 - 4 are performed as necessary (see diagram below)
  6. Photos are taken and sent to the customer, discussion of any findings as necessary
  7. Items are packaged and returned to the customer once payment has been received OR customer makes payment and collects items



Prices depend entirely upon size, complexity and condition of the component in question. Each job will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


For example (most are in photos below)

- Mazda MX5 wishbone £30-40 approx.

- 60k mile 16 valve cylinder head £60-80 approx.

- 8 valve cylinder head £55-65 approx.

- Mazda MX5 differential casing £50 approx

- Brake caliper £20-30 approx


Each job will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and will depend

entirely upon how long your item takes to be completed to the correct finish.


As an example, the preparation step to remove heavy rust, grease or paint may take longer than the actual time taken to vapour blast the item. The rinsing and drying process can also be quite time consuming for a complex part e.g. engine component such as a cylinder head.


So, if your item is very greasy, painted or badly rusted it will cost more for the preparation steps. Additionally, if your items are quite complex (lots of awkward surfaces, difficult to get to, nooks and crannies etc) this will also cost more than something quite simple because the vapour blasting, rinsing and drying will take significantly longer. So yes, size is one factor, but complexity and contamination are the main decision factors which impact the price. The less time it takes to prepare, vapour blast and rinse therefore the lower the cost. Simples!


We take great pride in our work and we want to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction above all else.


Postage/delivery costs are extra.


Before & After Photos





Delivery & Turnaround


Once we have received your item we can usually turn it round within a day or two and send back to you via courier. Same day turnaround available for urgent items with return by next day courier. Please call us in advance to discuss any urgent items to ensure we are set up to support you. This may depend on the type of finish you require.


Once we're finished, we'll confirm with you that the end result is the right one, discuss any findings and package everything up and send safely back to you.


You are welcome to deliver the items to us directly and collect yourselves, most of our customers actually do this. PLEASE check with us first before visiting to avoid a wasted journey (we might be away doing a trade show or at a race meeting).



Vapour Blasting Case Studies:

  1. Classic Restorer in Benoni, South Africa uses vapour blasting to restore the surfaces of classic car and bike aluminium parts in the niche of services to the vintage/ classic market. They remove carbon deposits in two stroke engine head combustion chambers. The versatility of machine is used e.g. it doesn’t remove stamps on aluminium castings put on in the past during the assembly process, also it doesn’t damage threads, they just get cleaned!
  2. The Aqua Blast Shop in Queensland, Australia uses vapour blasting to remove heavy oxidization and grime specifically from engines, wheels and carburettors for vehicle restoration. Previously hard labour and elbow grease were used!
  3. ACtronics in Essex, UK uses vapour blasting for the surface treatment of electronic automotive components as part of their rebuild process. They specialize in providing electrical components for brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan and more.
  4. Vaporblast Canada in British Columbia, Canada uses the vapour blasting to restore cars and motorcycles ready for re-sale. They use it on metals and plastics to reduce the process from days with chemicals to hours without solvents.
  5. Oleo International Ltd in Coventry, UK uses vapour blasting to reduce oil/swarf contamination of their in-house manufactured aluminium and steel manifold bodies.
  6. Diamond Alloys Ltd in UK, uses vapour blasting to clean alloy wheels. Previously done by hand using grey scotch pads and soapy water (extremely labour intensive).
  7. Redman Engineering in UK uses vapour blasting to clean aerospace components as part of their high-precision machining services for the aerospace industry. It provides a clean finish on small, precision, high-value mechanical components.
  8. Magnetic Shields, in Kent, UK uses vapour blasting to improve the surface finish before their magnetic shields are given a final heat treatment in the manufacturing process. i.e. to remove small surface marks and weld discolouration from the magnetic shields. These shields are then used to protect components such as those used in aerospace and F1.




There are several different media types which can be used but we choose the ceramic bead for over 90% of our work. This is due to how versatile and completely non-destructive it is on all our engine components and the outstanding, pristine finish it gives.

We also have glass bead media which gives more of a satin finish, but is very slightly less versatile. Medias can be mixed to achieve the exact result required, so if this is something of interest to you please do let us know.

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