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Guidance, Terms and Conditions


Guidance, Terms and Conditions

for Maxspeed Vapour Blasting

(Version 1.0 - 15th February 2018)


1. Preparation of components prior to Vapour Blasting

  1. Items to be vapour blasted must be stripped back to the raw component parts i.e. free of seals, rubbers, bushes, stoppers, bungs, bearings, gaskets, masking, etc.
  2. Coatings of heavy debris (such as rust, paint or grease) should be removed prior to vapour blasting. This can be done by yourselves or by us using a variety of methods.
  3. Where heavy debris removal is carried out by us the end result will take longer to achieve, which will cost more.
  4. Items which are free of heavy debris will take less time - and therefore cost less - to achieve the same result. We therefore reserve the right to adjust our prices according to the type, size, complexity and condition of the items we receive.
  5. If an item is heavily contaminated upon receipt by us we will chose the most appropriate way to remove this prior to vapour blasting. This is most likely to be jet-washing but could be steam cleaning, pressure washing, wire brush, detergent, degreaser or chemical process.
  6. If we receive items which are not suitably stripped or contain masking:
  7. - We reserve the right to decide whether or not to perform vapour blasting on that item
  8. - If we decide not to perform vapour blasting the cost of returning the items to the customer will be paid by the customer
  9. - If we agree to perform vapour blasting we will make an additional charge for the time taken to remove any seals, rubbers, gaskets, etc. The cost of this service is £60 per hour on and ad-hoc basis. We cannot be held responsible for any damage howsoever caused as a result of removing any seals, rubbers, bushes, stoppers, bungs, bearings, gaskets, masking, etc.
  10. - If we agree to perform vapour blasting without removing the seals, rubber, gaskets, bearings, masking etc then it is highly likely that media and water will become trapped. We cannot be held responsible for any amount of trapped media and water or any associated corrosion or any issues encountered by the customer when removing the trapped media or water. Please note: masking leads to a lot of trapped media.


2. Limitations

  1. The size of the components we can vapour blast is restricted primarily by the size and dimensions of the cabinet that we use. This is 915cm (wide) x 873cm (high) x 742cm (deep). It is your responsibility to check with us whether your component will fit into our vapour blasting machine (Vixen 915 Aquablast) before sending items to us. As a guide, an engine block for a Mazda MX5 will fit comfortably with plenty of spare room.
  2. Any items which cannot be cleaned/accessed effectively due to their size will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to charge for return delivery where costs are incurred by us.
  3. Where corrosion has damaged the surface integrity or structure of a component, this cannot be ‘undone’ or smoothed over by vapour blasting. Vapour blasting will simply expose the damaged surface, ready for repair.


3. What can’t vapour blasting be used for?              

  1. Any bearing or bore surface, unless being ground or honed after blasting. These components can be blasted using blanking discs or plugs to avoid media contact.
  2. Some types of component and materials will be successfully cleaned by vapour blasting but will need to be re-buffed afterwards e.g. parts of exhaust pipes.
  3. Our Vapour Blasting machine will not remove silicone and some types of sealant e.g. rubber sealant. Customers must ensure these are removed before shipping or advise us of them before sending items to us.


4. Receiving items back from us

  1. We endeavour to remove all traces of cleaning media before packaging and returning components to you. We perform several rinse cycles and jet-washing to ensure components are completely free of media before being dried and packaged. However, we cannot accept responsibility or liability for components which contain media residues. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that no vapour blasting media is present before installing or using components for the intended purpose.
  2. The rinsing and cleaning process includes a light-weight rust inhibitor. This will still be on the surface of your component and will protect from immediate corrosion whilst stored in a dry environment. Alternatively you can specifically request that components are lubricated (e.g. WD40) before being packaged and returned to you.
  3. Additionally we use a rust prevention agent called ACF-50 and apply this sparingly to externals which are prone to flash rusting e.g. screw threads. This also acts as a lubricant.


5. Pricing

  1. Prices are based on any pre-blasting preparation steps + vapour blasting + rinsing + drying + any rust prevention application. This is all included in the price quoted.
  2. As we continue to build on our experience of how long it takes to complete the whole process for various items we will adjust our prices accordingly over time.
  3. We will always strive to be competitive and give great customer service, so please do let us know if you think we get it wrong.
  4. Prices do not include postage, packaging and delivery costs.


6. Unusual or rare items

  1. If you are unsure as to whether your component is suitable for Vapour Blasting please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss and carry out further research if needed.
  2. So far, we’ve found that the ceramic bead media is suitable for all items we’ve come across due to it’s very gentle - yet effective – cleaning capabilities and it’s compatibility with engine components. We’ve always considered engine components to be the ‘worst case scenario’ in terms of the very fine tolerances involved.
  3. If we are ever unsure we will always respond on the side of caution. We are happy to work with you to carry out a trial run on a similar item – please contact us to discuss. This will ensure we are all 100% comfortable with any decisions taken.


7. Media types

  1. Various media can be used within the ‘Aquablast’ machine and these may give a slightly different finish to the nickel/ satin finish produced by the ceramic bead media. A mixture of media types can also be used to give differing finishes.
  2. We use the ceramic bead media as standard due to it’s versatility and the incredible pristine result it achieves.




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