Full Engine Rebuild Services

We offer a full engine refurbishment service for all MX5 engines, from standard refurbishment to modified and race specification engines. Over the years and through our customers, we have realised that in the MX5 fraternity, the cars originality is of the upmost importance, so offering the types of service we do is the key to our success. 


We offer a service that we feel is no longer offered by main stream dealerships. We have extensive access to privileged literature, microfiches, part numbers and the all important Mazda Europe online Portal. Or as we like to call it....the bible. We are therefore able to strip down, machine if necessary, and rebuild components to Mazda’s tolerances and specifications i.e. engines, which your average main dealer will not do. 

Engine-related services that we provide include:

  •  Full MX5 engine rebuilds
  •  MX5 engine parts & engine refurburbishment kits
  •  MX5 engine exchange/ donor engines
  •  All MX5 donor parts (used and refurbished)
  •  MX5 mechanical restoration including vapour blasting services
  •  We are a JE Pistons agent


We are not always at the workshop so PLEASE check with us before visiting!

Unfortunately, unlike here at Kent MX5 Services, the days of main dealer mechanics are gone, and they have now been replaced by fitters. We offer a unique component rebuilding and refurbishment services (refer to Maxspeed Vapour Blasting) and excellent rates. This gives you a cost-effective and preferred way to maintain your MX5 through us whilst also retaining your MX5's originality.


Please call for a quote, but as a guide, the following prices :-


NA & NB 1.6 and 1.8 MX5 engines £1995 or £2495 including fitting.

NC 1.8 and 2.0 MX5 engines £1995 0r £2695 including fitting.

ND Available on request.


The above prices are inclusive of parts, labour, machining costs and VAT on a serviceable unit. The quotes above are for the main engine unit only, otherwise known as the long block, and not the ancillaries. Ancillaries incur an additional costs. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us for your requirements, and please note that we have rebuilt units in stock if you just require an "off the shelf" item as well as many used and refurbished engine parts available.


Please give us a call for more information on 07412 061296 or drop us an email at chris@kentmx5.co.uk