MX5 Servicing

Our range of services enables us to offer comprehensive and professional support for your MX5. Regardless of the scale of your request, Kent MX5 Services provides exactly what you and your MX5 need. We use the latest technologies for our work on all MX5 models and can guarantee low prices and expert advice.

Kent MX5 Services has been involved for a number of years now in various national MX5 Championships, and through our excellent results in racing, extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of Mazda's infamous roadster, we now have a broad MX5 customer database wanting to use our experience on their road versions.


This work commitment has been rewarded by being recognised by Mazda UK as an Independent Authorised Mazda Operator. This is something we are very proud of. This allows us access to Mazda's online portal as well as their online workshop manuals and parts catalogues. We also have full access to the DSR allowing us to update your vehicle's service history.


Prices for servicing are typically as follows:


Base service pack for MK1 & MK2 (1.6 & 1.8) £199 includes*: Air filter, oil filter, oil change, spark plugs, fluid top ups, visual wheel and brake checks. Includes parts and labour.


Base service pack for MK3  £199 includes*: Air filter, oil filter, oil change, fluid top ups, visual wheel and brake checks. Includes parts and labour.


*Additional parts/labour will be charged on an ad hoc basis.


Examples include:

Aux. belt supply & fit        £45 (MK3 only)

Coolant flush & change   £60 (MK1,MK2,MK3)

Gearbox oil change         £80 (MK1,MK2,MK3)

Brake fluid change          £75 (MK1,MK2,MK3)

Alternator & p/s belt change    £65 (MK1, MK2)



We are not always at the workshop so PLEASE check with us before visiting!

Through our customers, we have realised that in the MX5 fraternity, the cars originality is of the upmost importance, so offering the types of service we do is the key to our success. We are able to offer genuine Mazda components, as well as excellent quality pattern parts for all MX5s. The pattern parts used are of excellent quality and are often used on our own race cars.


For any MX5 servicing needs, whether a 1989 MK1 or the latest models, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Headlight Restoration Service


Have you got cloudy headlights? Do you wish you could make them look lovely and clear again without the expense of replacement, which would be around £400 in parts alone? 


Headlights take a bit of a bashing from the sun and environmental elements and over time they can look old and worn with a "cloudy" finish, which spoils the overall look of your MX5.


We can help! We can make your headlights look as good as new using our new equipment for £95 flat fee (no VAT added). 



Please note: we cannot be held responsible for vehicles or belongings left inside or outside our work unit. All belongings and vehicles are left at the owner's risk.