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Full MX5 Suspension and Set-Up Services

Here at Kent MX5 Services, we are specialists in full suspension set-up, 4 wheel laser alignment (geo) plus much more.


We have all the latest digital and laser alignment equipment:

  • Full corner weighting and cross weighting facilties by Long Acre as used in USA by NASCAR
  • Full Lite Align 4 wheel laser alignment
  • Fully adjustable flat floor with laser level for accurate suspension readings
  • All castor, camber, bump steer, Akerman and ride height/ rake adjustment equipment


Our process for alignment is different and far more in-depth than alignments offered by most other firms. All suspension bolts are removed, wire brushed, copper slipped and refitted. This enables all the tension in the bushes to be relieved, which in our opinion is the key to making an MX5 handle in the best possible way.


Unfortunately, this is a timely process, and ALL MX5's have stubborn bolts which require more time and persuasion!


It has become increasingly apparent over recent years that many firms carry out an alignment by adjusting the geometry of the vehicle to allow for a seized bolt. This is poor engineering practise and not what we do.


Due to the above, we charge a minimum flat fee of £495 and will require the car for a day. This allows for the usual issues that are incurred. Any replacement hardware is at an additional cost.


Please contact us if you wish to discuss this is more detail.


Due to our vast experience in suspension tuning, not just with the MX5 but with various motorsport disciplines over many years, we have various set-up options that we will offer your MX5.


There are various theories on suspension tuning and how certain alterations will give specific results, but there is a lot of truth in the phrase "there is more than one way to skin a cat".


Our knowledge has been gained by extensive and exhaustive testing over many years, and we feel we have the best set up options available for your MX5 in all disciplines, from fast road use to full race specifications.


 How much does this service cost?

  • Full 4 wheel laser alignment £495
  • Corner weighting plus 4 wheel laser alignment from £695


Please note: Broken components/ snapped bolts are not included in the prices quoted above. New parts/ bolts and labour at 15 minute intervals (£20) will be charged in addition. We do not accept any responsibility for any broken parts/ bolts.




Corner weighting (and cross weighting) a car is the most important chassis tuning process you can do for any car.


It is nothing short of critical.

Corner weighting.....what is it?


Corner weighting a car allows precise vehicle weight distribution which is critical for that ultimate car balance on the track. It is highly regarded as the most important chassis tuning tool available and is the only true way to obtain that perfect balance of a car.


Of course castor, camber, ackerman angles etc all matter, BUT, a degree or minute here and there does not have the same effect on a car that corner weighting/ cross weighting does. Cross weights ideally should be 50%, but depending on what discipline you are doing, can easily be adjusted with a turn here and a turn there on spring platforms.


For example, we run 51% cross weight at Brands Hatch as the circuit has more right handers than left.


The classic symptom of a car that has not been corner weighted is the difference in balance of a car through right hand corners compared to left. On an exaggerated basis, if you have oversteer in corners going one direction, and understeer in the other then your corner weights - or more to the point your cross weights - are wrong.


In fact it has to be said, when setting up a car that does NOT have a central driving position, it is actually the cross weight you go by (and not the corner weights, which is what most people tend to think).


Correct weightings are all about making sure the percentages between the LF and LR are the same as the RF and RR, regardless of their actual corner weight. 


And yes....the driver is needed for corner weighting a car, for at least the first set-up session anyway. Providing that accurate measurements have been recorded during the set-up process, doing this without a driver is possible. But as a rule of thumb....WITH DRIVER IN THE CAR.


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