Our Racing History....

We are family-run business with a joint knowledge of over 40 years.

Our experience includes:


• British GTs
• Le Mans sports car racing
• BRSCC Mazda MX5 Supercup championship
• TVR racing
• European karting
• Saloon car racing
• Eurocar V6
• Eurocar V8
• Pick-up truck racing
• Rallying
• Single seaters
• Kit cars

We are intending to compile some photos and articles of our experience within the racing and motoring world.... there's a lot to consider, including the couple of classic racing cars that we currently have as 'work in progress'. Chris Dawkins and his father Graham Dawkins have been involved in the Motorsport world for more years than they'd care to count!


One of our cars in build is Martin Brundle's original racing car, the Toyota Celica. We've got so much history with this car that we don't really know where to start. In time we will compile some information and add it here.


We've built and raced trucks and karts as well as various cars over the years including a Toyota Supra and a Peugot 309 Rallycross car.