Kent MX5 Services......Kent's leading MX5 specialists!!

After years of experience in building, maintaining and modifying Mazda's legendary MX5 sports car, Kent MX5 Services is now a recognised authorised independent Mazda Operator and one of the leading MX5 servicing and workshop specialists in Kent. 


We are therefore proud to offer our extensive knowledge and services to all MX5 owners, from basic servicing to full engine rebuilds and restorations. Along with all our new, used and performance parts stock, we are a one-stop shopping mall for your MX5.


We pride ourselve on being approachable, respectful, reliable and honest. Rest assured that we will treat your property with the same care as our own. We are a family run business with several decades of experience in mechanical engineering. We've been trusted by numerous motoring and restoration enthusiasts inside and outside the UK, so you are in safe hands.


The following pages contain information about the services we offer and about our company, which is totally focused on keeping your MX5 on the road in the most cost-effective, reliable way.

Other Services We Offer

  • Maxspeed Vapour Blasting
  • Race car preparation services
  • MX5 engine re-builds
  • MX5 mechanical restorations
  • MX5 race car build and hire
  • MX5 servicing
  • Trackside support
  • Full 4-wheel laser alignment
  • Corner weighting on our digital flat floor
  • Differential and transmission builds
  • Tyre fitting and wheel balancing
  • Pre-event check over and service
  • Track days
  • Maxspeed Tyres (formerly known as Goudhurst Tyres)

Maxspeed Vapour Blasting

As part of our expanding business we've invested in a vapour blasting machine ('Aquablast 915' by Vixen), which we bought to speed up the cleaning process for our engine re-builds. We carried out a lot of research over many months, investigating the kind of machine we wanted to buy before eventually deciding on this one. It's an amazing piece of equipment which can clean delicate parts and soft metals without causing any damage whatsoever, leaving an outstanding finish and making them look as good as new. The combination of water and media - known as a slurry - lubricates the component being cleaned, resulting in a pristine satin finish with no risk of damage to the underlying component. The slurry and rinsing cycles also contain a lightweight anti-rust agent to help prevent any immediate corrosion.


Since having this machine, we’ve been truly amazed by the results that can be achieved. We're now using it to clean many of our used car components to make them look as good as new. It's a fantastic and exciting process!


There are many other uses for this machine, so please take a look at our new page for Maxspeed Vapour Blasting or use the direct URL




Maxspeed Tyres

Kent MX5 Services are also partners with Maxspeed Tyres (previously known as Goudhurst Tyres), providing tyre services for cars and light commercials to the Weald and the surrounding areas. We supply from budget tyres to branded makes such as Michelin, Pirelli, Continental and Goodyear... amongst others.

Kent MX5 Services..."Kent's leading MX5 suspension & brake set-up specialists"...

  • Full digital flat floor, incorporating the latest Long Acre corner weighting equipment for that optimum balance (from USA as used in Nascar and Indy)
  • Full 4 wheel laser alignment and tracking facilities to ensure optimum suspension and geometry alignment.
  • Full latest Long Acre equipment for castor, camber, bumpsteer and ride height / rake adjustments