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What is Vapour Blasting?


Vapour blasting (aquablasting, hyroblasting) is a wet blasting process which uses a specialised, non-destructive slurry of media to remove debris from a variety of components. This slurry contains water and fine beads, delivered via compressed air within a sealed cabinet. The process achieves an outstanding, fine finish which cannot be achieved by hand due to the lubrication and flushing action.


The media travels across the surface, gently cleaning the component by flow of water - not by impact - so it doesn't remove any of the structural material. Since the water acts as a lubricant to the media - like a cushioning effect - there is no damage to the underlying component... and yes, that includes aluminium, steel and magnesium too!


Before & After Photos

In the pictures above, the difference is extreme as the non blasted parts were not cleaned at all, and they were used for exhibition demonstration purposes. But nontheless, they give you an indication of the finish that can be achieved.


In truth, unless being used for exhibit purposes, this is not needed. Please remember that when the engine is refitted to your car, the main engine will be surrounded by all the ancillaries and plastics, therefore not really visible. And this is a time consuming, hence expensive exercise. 


Please also note, than unless fairly regularly externally maintained by an anti corrosion additive such as ACF50, the finish will not last.

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