Insurance Options for Track/Test Days & Race Weekends 2019:


There are a few options, but essentially we need to ensure that any damage to the vehicle is covered whether the damage is caused by you or someone else whilst you are driving the car.


Option 1 - take out your own insurance, which you pay directly to the insurance company in question and then provide proof to us before the event. 


Option 2 - we take a swipe of your credit card and apply a hold of £1000 (similar to the way that a hotel does) before the event. We would then release the hold after the event, assuming no damage has been incurred. If there is damage to the car whilst you are driving then we would offset the £1000 from the total repair costs and the remaining damage costs are still payable by you.


Option 3 - we provide you with insurance to the value of the car you are driving at the cost of £110 for a MK1 MX5 or £140 for a MK3 MX5. This is the cost for insurance for the first driver, with reduced price deals for additional drivers. This is a policy with an excess of £950 per driver - per incident - on any damage incurred when that person is driving the car.


So, with Option 1 and Option 3 you are spending money on insurance you might not need to use but with a known cost attached to it. With Option 2 you don't pay out unless there is damage incurred, but you could be left with a rather large bill if you're unlucky on the track!


FYI - as an absolute worst case scenario MX5 Mk1 race car build costs £8,000, MX5 Mk3 race car build costs £15,000. Please note: with Track Days - unlike Test Days and Race Weekends - it is quite unlikely that damage will be sustained due to the nature of the event.